The property is located at 65, 28th October (Patision) Street, in the center of Athens.

The area has several theaters, many bookstores, publishing houses and printing shops. With all this interaction of uses, the area of the Museum is now characterized by social, age, functional and architectural richness. At the same time, it is in direct operational relationship with one of the biggest public parks of the city, Pedion Areos and the Hill of Strefi, and a large number of charming pedestrian streets.
In recent years, a series of reconstructions have contributed to the aesthetic upgrading of the area. Moreover, the existence of many important buildings of neoclassical, eclectic and modernist style, give the area a distinct and attractive appearance.

This Commercial building, which measures 700 sqm per floor, was built in 1923. The size and shape of this building was an epitome in the evolving image of Athens at that period. Aesthetically, it is distinguished by a fluid late eclecticism, while at the same time it utilizes the “modern” reinforced concrete construction.