Originally built in 1977, overlooking the statue of Alexander the Great and close to the Pillars of the Olympian Zeus, the office building on 40 Vasilissis Amalias Avenue is finally gaining a new narrative after it was burned and vandalized in 2010.

A total of 3.120 sqm, with 2,135 sqm office space, more than 20 underground parking spaces and a magnificent rooftop overlooking the breath-taking views of the whole Athens basin, this building is set to standout as one of Athens’s most attractive state of the art real estate projects.


Architectural Design: A&M architects
EM Design: Kravvaritis & Partners
Structural Design: Helliniki Meletitiki
Architectural Lighting Design: IFI Lighting Works
Project Contractor: Diolkos
Topographical: Astrolavos
LEED Consultants: DCARBON